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Want to build high quality, nationwide reach in a short period of time for a video campaign?

Take advantage of the possibility to deliver pre-rolls directly in the Onnetwork Player on several hundred portals simultaneously according to the same specification with strict Brand Safety standards and the guarantee of the highest performance indicators, i.e. frequency, visibility, full plays, spot audibility, attention.


Is your spot aimed at a narrow target audience or delivery limited to a specific location?

Take advantage of expanded opportunities for precision delivery based on targeting, geolocation and matching limited website’s category.


Are you paying close attention to every penny spent and looking for ways to optimize your campaign costs?

A demanding advertising budget doesn't have to limit you to trite solutions and common formats that don't allow you to go to the next level of communication with the consumer.


Your brand is setting ambitious goals, constantly looking for innovative solutions and out-of-the-box ways to communicate?

Take advantage of our exclusive Interactive pre-rolls and non-standard Player Branding, or create with us a completely new creative that has never been seen in your country before.


Example of a solution for an advertiser

We provide technology and templates for custom interactive formats that allow you to stand out from other ads and engage the consumer in your campaign.

Interactive pre-roll with curtain

This format consists of a video and a board that slides out after a user action. A pre-roll with a curtain increases attention, helps reinforce the message and keeps consumers interested.

Overview photo - advertising areas

Do you have custom needs? Fantastic!

We can broadcast advertising in a very wide range of categories and industries (Sports, Health and Beauty, Baby, Business, Gaming, News, Entertainment and Hobbies). And if you need help creating a custom campaign - we can create a new interactive format template just for you.

Effective advertising is our specialty. We guarantee high rates of visibility (viewability 75-85%) and full plays (VTR 70-75%). We specialize in non-skippable pre-rolls, Player branding and online audio advertising. We reduce campaign delivery costs even by more than 50. You determine rate and frquency of ad delivery, the number of impressions and the time of publication.