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Explore the capabilities of the multimedia Onnetwork platform

Are you a Publisher?

Check out the Onnetwork Player! This is the perfect solution for Publishers who want to monetize video and audio content on their websites.

Are you an Advertiser?

Run a pre-roll advertising campaign on hundreds of sites at once. Build nationwide reach or precisely reach your target audience.


Unlimited possibilities

The Onnetwork platform is a management center for all Player-related settings, widgets, functionality, and access to the Onnetwork Library with the ability to exchange video and audio content.


Advanced technology

The state-of-the-art multimedia Player Onnetwork is a tool that allows you to flexibly manage video and audio content, as well as broadcast pre-roll and mid-roll ads. Both the appearance of Player Onnetwork and its behavior can be customized according to your requirements using several hundred different functionalities. We also guarantee to maintain rigorous standards and the highest performance metrics.


Revenue growth!

Player Onnetwork is an ideal tool that gives Publishers the opportunity to multiply revenue on ad impressions and sharing video and audio content.


Don't worry about technology

Leave technological matters to our specialists. They will make sure that the integration of Player and the Onnetwork Platform with your website is fast, easy and pleasant.


Tailored to your needs

Together with our partners, we develop tools based on years of experience gained on European markets. Any new functionality we develop will be available to you at no charge.


Nationwide coverage in the shortest time

Now you have the possibility to run a campaign simultaneously on several hundred portals directly in the Onnetwork Player, with one capping, according to the same specification for all sites. We guarantee the highest ad performance metrics (visibility, full plays, audibility, attention), with best industry practices and Brand Safety standards.


Surgical precision

Use extensive targeting options, geolocalisation and contextual broadcasting on portals in your chosen category to reach your target audience.



You can deliver innovative campaigns without the need for additional creative agency involvement. Use Onnetwork's dedicated solutions to create interactive pre-rolls and custom Player Branding.


More of every cent

If you place a high value on every cent you spend and you are looking for ways to optimise your ad spend, get in touch with us to find out how to make the most effective use of your budget. With us, you can achieve the best results using the most effective formats proven in the real camapigns.



Your brand has ambitious goals, is constantly looking for innovative solutions and non-standard ways of communication? Let's create together a completely new creative format, which has not been seen before in your market, and maybe even in the world. You can also implement a campaign on several hundred portals at the same time with the guarantee that the same ad format will be adapted to the specifications of each of these sites.

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Advanced tool for Publishers

You already publish video content - great! Make money from it!

Uploading your video content to the Platform and showing it in Onnetwork Player, enables you to earn money on playing pre-roll ads aquired either by you or by Onnetwork’s partners.

Don't have video content? That's not a problem!

With Onnetwork, you have access to video content provided by independent creators, other Publishers or news agencies

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Direct video player advertising campaign on hundreds of sites

Did you know that you can run a single campaign using pre-rolls simultaneously on hundreds of sites directly in the Onnetwork Player?

Need to quickly build nationwide reach, or maybe reach a narrow target group?

Are you optimizing the cost of the video campaign, or are you looking for premium custom formats to make your campaign stand out from competition?

They trusted us

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At Onnetwork, we know all about delivering ads in the internet

We have created an advanced platform that allows Publishers to earn more from video content, and advertisers to run more extensive campaigns at much lower cost. This way our partners can save money and spend their advertising budgets more efficiently.

We provide technology and templates for custom interactive ad and video formats making our clients advertisment stand out from other ad campaigns and strongly engage users with advertised brand.

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Onnetwork Global

We are steadily expanding our business in a wide variety of markets, working with Clients and Partners in different parts of the world. As a result, we are achieving global reach and impact, customizing our services to meet individual customer needs.

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Advanced Onnetwork Technology

All of our solutions are designed to enable Publishers to display and monetize video and audio content on their websites, without need to invest in technology and maintenance.

Video Player

Onnetwork's Multimedia Player is a high-tech tool that enables video and audio content - including advertisements - to be displayed on a website.


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