Display and monetize video and audio content on your website


Unlimited possibilities

The Onnetwork platform offers a comprehensive solution for both the efficient management of video content on websites and its exchange between publishers.

If you're looking for video content to enhance your site's user experience, check out our database of more than 500,000 videos from 20 different countries.

If you are a video creator and you are struggling to increase revenue from your video content, you can use the Onnetwork platform to more effectively reach multiple publishers with your offer.


Advanced technology

Our advanced video player is the heart of our platform, delivering benefits to publishers and users alike.

With the Onnetwork Player, you can display your video content on the website next to a published article.

You can also benefit from advanced solutions for live streaming, text-to-speech or creating interactive content.

In addition, you can increase your revenue from advertisements published in the front of your video content.

hanks to the responsive interface, the Player adapts to different devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers. This makes it convenient for users to view video content wherever they are.


Revenue growth!

We offer various solutions to support the growth of revenue from video and audio advertising.

With our advertising tools, you can increase your revenue from delivery video ads, special projects with advertisers or use own advertising strategies

We help you to optimise your advertising strategies so that you can achieve maximum profit from your video content.


Don't worry about technology

Leave technological matters to our specialists. We will easily integrate the platform with your currently used systems and technological tools

We offer technical support and set of manuals to ensure a smooth integration into your infrastructure. Our team of specialists is always ready and willing to answer any questions and help you tailor our solutions to your unique business needs.


Tailored to your needs

Together with our partners, we develop tools based on years of experience gained on European markets. Any new functionality we develop will be available to you at no charge.

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Advanced Onnetwork Technology

All our solutions are designed to enable publishers to display and monetize video and audio content on their websites, without having to invest in technology and maintenance.

Text to speech

With Player Onnetwork, you can define the function of listening to written content posted on a website. In this way, visitors can read the material while driving or training for sports, for example.

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Don't have video footage? That's not a problem!

Not all publishers have video content. Don't worry, we know that producing video content is expensive. With the onnetwork platform, you will have access to a wide library of video content provided by independent creators, other publishers and news agencies. You will be able to publish them on your sites, increasing the variety of materials available to users. You will expand your reach and increase the number of views. And, most importantly, you will gain access to new advertising budgets, taking advantage of the potential that lies in video advertising. Importantly, just using the materials is free as long as you don't make any money from publishing them!